Ariel – UJ Hero

Ariel - UJ Hero

Ariel - UJ Hero


Why did you choose this study programme?
I chose to study International Relations and Area Studies at the Jagiellonian University because of its multicultural and international aspect. Every day, I am in touch with people from all around the world and I am learning a lot from them. In addition, I have the opportunity to study topics that I would like to focus on, such as international security or global regions. What attracted me the most is that I can gain proper experience on how the many ideologies and opinions in the world interact with one another, since I am studying in such a diverse community.

What is your favourite place at the Jagiellonian University and in Kraków?UJ Heroes
My favourite place at the Jagiellonian University is definitely the main library, because it is usually quiet and I can find any book I want there as well as spend a long time focusing on my tasks. In Kraków, I love the Dolnych Młynów area because many interesting events are always happening around there, and whenever I go there, I know I will have a great time, either during a Sunday breakfast or a relaxing evening.

What is/was the biggest challenge for you?
My biggest challenge is to maintain focus on my goals whilst having time for myself and having some space in my life for doing things I enjoy.

What does your superpower mean to you? (teleportation)
It means resilience, the ability to adapt to new challenges, places and habits. Finding yourself in a new place and being able to call it home, but at the same time remembering where I come from and wherever I go, whatever I do and learn, my duty is to take my people with me, regardless of where I end up.

Your 5 must-have items:
Agenda, backpack, charger, a book and my big pink headphones.

Your advice for high school graduates:
Always be open to new ideas and to learning things. Every person you meet can teach you something you do not know, so keep your eyes and ears open to new experiences that are yet to come.

What is the Jagiellonian University for you (in one word)?

What is your motivation?
My background. I believe that my motivation comes from the fact I know how hard it is to be from my country and move abroad in such unstable times, so every day I make sure that not only have I made the right decision, but that I also achieve my dreams regardless of the challenges I had already faced and the ones I know I will endure.

How to spend "the time of your life" at the University? / What is the best way to spend time during studies?
I am aware that I am having the time of my life at the University because I take advantage of every opportunity that has been given to me. To have a good time during your studies, you have to find friends that support your goals, teammates that will understand you and professors that will encourage you to follow your path. Also, it is extremely important to open yourself up to new groups of people outside your field, to interact with other students that may come from a completely different background and to always be a part of student communities and participate in a variety of events the University offers to you, such as students associations, fairs, parties, festivals, and so on.

Education or experience?
It is hard to pick one, but I believe that education will give you the tools necessary to maximise every single experience.